Headrest bracket #2

  • Headrest bracket #2

Headrest bracket #2

The headrest bracket is adjustable in the following directions: up / down - forward / backward and right / left. The right / left adjustment requires tools.

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Description Type Remark Item number
Nakkestøtte # 2 Adult Excl. pillow 20175
Nakkestøtte # 2 Child Excl. pillow 20176

Right / Left: The screws A & B (Fig. 1) is loosened, whereby the cushion is adjustable 3 cm to each side.
Depth: The adjustment screw C (Fig. 1) is loosened, whereby the cushion can be adjusted 4.5 cm forward.
Heigth: By releasing the grip D (Fig. 1) the height of the headrest can be changed.