Avanti city AJ is a brand new seat concept for electric wheelchairs - and a direct response to new needs in the market.

The users want aesthetics and comfort in the same seat. At the same time, the seat must be easy to set by caregivers, technical staff and dealers - and it must be effectively adapted to individual needs of both young and old.

Avanti city AJ is a modular and ergonomic seat concept that can compete on both design, flexibility, comfort and price.
With its simple design, the seat meets the needs of most demanding users - and it can also be fitted to the longest wheelchair fabrics.

Avanti city AJ consists of a three-part back shield, which is easily adjusted in height and width for adaptation to people of different size and body structure.

The seat is regulated in both width and depth - and the flexible patented hip joint ensures that the backrest naturally follows the ergonomics of the body,
when leaning back and forth.

Avanti City AJ complies with all relevant requirements of the Medical Directive 93/42 eøf. Welcome to Avanti City AJ.