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Avanti by AJ's modular structure makes it easy to customize the chair for individual needs. Both seat and back can be adjusted so users - regardless of size - are ergonomically and comfortably.

Please send a request as this product can be made specifically for each individual.

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When you choose an Avanti city AJ seat, you get these advantages as standard:

  • Adjustable seat with extension plate, so you can adjust both width and depth
  • Ergonomic and patented hip hinge, so the user always gets optimal back and leg support regardless of the seat backrest
  • Height adjustable headrest, which can be further adjusted to the right / left and tilted easily
  • Height adjustable armrest, which can be angled for extra comfort - and which can be swiveled laterally for a high performance of the user
  • Adjustable seat and back pads. All pillows and covers are removable and therefore easy to clean

Avanti city AJ can be adapted to small and large users by simply replacing the shoulder plate to size small or large.

  • Additional accessories that you can easily mount yourself:
  • Shoulder plate for very small / large persons
  • Enhanced headrest for added comfort
  • Small neck pillow for small needs
  • Arm cushion 30 cm long
  • Leg and thigh supports
  • Elbow supports and side supports
  • Tables