• Optimist CLASSIC Type 8

Optimist CLASSIC Type 8

Type 8 has adjustable made in the back. The number and position of the harnesses are determined by the user's needs.

Please send a request as this product can be made specifically for each individual.

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  Backrest height 48 cm. Backrest height 50 cm. Backrest height 60 cm. Backrest height SPECIEL
Seat width 38 cm.       Additional
Seat width 40 cm. Classic   Classic Additional
Seat width 45 cm.     Classic Additional
Seat width 50 cm.     Classic Additional
Seat width 55 cm.     Classic Additional
Seat width SPECIEL Additional Additional Additional Additional

(Seat is supplied without seat cushion See under accessories - Seat cushions).

All backrests are prepared for headrest. All backrests are avaliable with standard- or Supersoft foam.

All combinations can be fitted with integrated adjustable side supports.

Seat type 8 is avaliable in the width of 40 cm, 45 cm, 50 cm and 55cm.

Type # 8 provides extra support at the pelvis.